Title on PDF is missing while viewing in Mozilla Firefox web browser

The Problem

While logged into GISDirect using the Mozilla Firefox browser, maps you try to print to PDF which should have a title, don't have a title while viewing the PDF in the browser.

should have a title

don't have a title

The problem is with Mozilla Firefox's "built-in" PDF viewer. Firefox opens the PDF inside a new tab in the Firefox browser. Some types of PDF documents simply don't display correctly in that "built-in" viewer, and we get issues like having the title missing from the map even though the title is in fact inside the PDF.

The Solution

Change the setting so that Firefox opens PDF's in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure Adobe Reader is installed on your computer.

    • Ask your system administrator if you don't know how to do this.
    • If you need to install it, ask your system administrator to install Adobe Reader from this link:
    • http://get.adobe.com/reader/
  2. Open Firefox "Options"

    • This can be done by clicking on the orange "Firefox" drop down in the upper left of the Firefox browser, and clicking on "Options".
      Firefox orange drop-down
    • *OR* If you don't see an orange "Firefox" button, but instead see the menu bar (File | Edit | View | History | Bookmarks | Tools | Help), then click on the "Tools" menu and click on "Options".
      Firefox Tools Menu Options
  3. Go to the "Applications Tab" inside of Options.

    Options Applications Tab
  4. Locate the "Portable Document Format (PDF)" listing, and click on the drop-down on the right.

    Program Choice Drop-down
  5. Select the choice "Use Adobe Reader (default)".

    GISDirect recommends this choice, however, you can also try out "Always ask" or "Save File" if those better suit your workflow style.
    Chose Adobe Reader
  6. To make the setting active, click "OK" to close the options dialog.

    Click OK

The Results

Now when you click to open a PDF map in GISDirect inside the Firefox browser, Adobe Reader will open up the PDF document instead of Firefox. The title should now appear as normal:

Title Success!
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